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The DriverMax is your one-stop point for all your driver updates and system performance boosting.DriverMax Software

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Are you aware that the manufacturers of computer hardware, be it the motherboard or a graphics card, change the drivers (bits of code that enable the hardware to function properly), of their hardware to eliminate bugs that might have caused it to malfunction. Although the Windows operating system typically contains drivers for most hardware, you might face problems if it does not support a new hardware and the manufacturers of the same have altered the drivers shipped with it. Hardware with an improper driver can cause your computer to malfunction.

Let DriverMax Do The Work for You

No doubt, you can search the website of the manufacturer of that hardware, check if they have updated the drivers for that particular hardware, download it, and install it on your computer to ensure that the hardware in question functions properly. However, you need to be a computer guru in order to detect outdated drivers before you can update them. You can call a specialist and seek his help to update the drivers and end up paying a hefty fee. Would it not be great if you had access to software that performed the task automatically, scan the drivers installed on your PC, search the net for their latest version, and update them without any intervention from your end? This is where DriverMax makes it presence felt.

The Paid Vs Free Version

You can download the free version and try it. However, it has many restrictions and will only identify unknown devices, note down driver and system restore points, and allow you to rollback the data in your hard disk drive to a previous version of a stable driver.

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Using the Paid Version

You will get many more features if you buy the paid version of DriverMax, known as DriverMax pro. Visit the website of the vendor to find the additional features you will get with it. You can also find details and the quality of the software by reading user reviews on software forums as well as on sites that review software.

Portable Versions

While searching for this program, you might come across portable versions too.  Download DriverMax full from the official website of the company. You will find several subscription options while trying to download the full version of this program. You can avail of a hefty discount of 82% if you opt for a single year's subscription. This provides you with unlimited download of updated drivers for 365 days. You can also download the program from other trustworthy sites that offers you the option to purchase the pro full software, but downloading it from the manufacturer's site ensures that you get the latest version.

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Although this program comes with a detailed user interface, you can visit YouTube and search for tutorial about it. By viewing these tutorials, you will quickly understand how to use the program efficiently. The manufacturer of the software updates and uploads new version of the program on their website. However, you should not worry about this as you have opted for the full version download of DriverMax pro. It checks the site of the vendor for updates and downloads the updated driver database as soon as it is available on the website of the manufacturer.

Download the Appropriate Installer

More often than not, people tend to overlook the different variants of programs while downloading them. This can lead to disaster if the downloaded executive does not match their operating system. If you have Windows 7 installed on your PC, ensure that you trigger the Windows 7 download. You can achieve this goal by clicking the `search' tab on the website of the vendor. Now select your version of Windows in the left pane and select 32 bit or 64 bit architecture from the right pane, and clicking on the `search' button. Following this procedure and selecting 32 bit allows you to download for Windows 7 32bit. Unfortunately, this program only works on the Windows operating system and does not support the Mac.

Visit the manufacturer's website for the latest download version. This ensures that you only download the new version. According to the manufacturer's website the latest available download on their website in June 2017 is version 9. However, you will be downloading version 9.33, which has more drivers included than that on version 9. In the same manner, you should choose Windows 8 download, if About DriverMaxyour computer is running on Windows 8. You need not worry if you are still using Windows XP, as the manufacturer provides a version for that operating system too. While the version for Windows 8 might work on newer versions of Windows, you should only buy the Windows 10 64 bit installer as this is ideal for Windows 10. Install DriverMax pro today, and let it update, backup and restore outdated, missing, or faulty drivers on your computer. It is the only software boasting of a database of drivers for 2,300,000 devices.

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